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This recent Worksafe media release reinforced for us the importance of the induction process.  A comprehensive Induction Programme could have prevented this tragedy and if you haven’t got one in place, it should be high on your priority list.

We have always believed that Induction is essential in setting the right tone with your new staff from the beginning.  Positive staff engagement happens from the get-go, and it is essential that your new staff feel welcome and valued from day one.  An Induction Programme will remove the stress for your managers and your new recruits so that they can focus on the things that really matter – like getting productive!

A robust Induction Programme serves an additional purpose – to introduce your company culture around Health and Safety.  This aspect has become hugely significant in light of the new Health and Safety legislation.

Whilst requirements for any Induction Programme need to be tailored to suit the industry and other unique aspects of your business, a thorough Induction Programme could include the following:

  • Welcome Pack
  • Managers Pre-Start Checklist
  • Review of employment conditions
  • Review of Health and Safety policy and procedures
  • Review of company policies manual
  • Workplace introductions
  • Induction Plan
  • Training Plan

If you know this is an area you could improve in, Contact Us to help get this crucial programme underway.


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